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Back in the House

Thank God the holiday hiatus is over and my favorite wisecracking, prescription pill abusing and so-should-be-sued-for-malpractice-on-a-daily-basis television doctor is back!   House is in the house!

Monday's episode was quite possibly one of the best in the series, hands down.  The POW (that's patient of the week, or, in some cases, prisoner of the week) had a terrific storyline with a twist that I didn't see coming (I hate it when they are so obvious even I, exhausted and tired, and most likely working on my blog, reading a book for review and/or snapping at a dog to go lie down and move from in front of the t.v., feel as though I've been hit with a televised 2x4) and the actor was just phenomenal.  I really felt sorry for him, rather than the sometimes "oh well, that sucks" feeling I have. 

And his drug-dealing boss or partner was equally fantastic.  Can we have these two back on somehow?  Because I totally bought everything they were selling.

I didn'…