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Back in the House

Thank God the holiday hiatus is over and my favorite wisecracking, prescription pill abusing and so-should-be-sued-for-malpractice-on-a-daily-basis television doctor is back!   House is in the house!

Monday's episode was quite possibly one of the best in the series, hands down.  The POW (that's patient of the week, or, in some cases, prisoner of the week) had a terrific storyline with a twist that I didn't see coming (I hate it when they are so obvious even I, exhausted and tired, and most likely working on my blog, reading a book for review and/or snapping at a dog to go lie down and move from in front of the t.v., feel as though I've been hit with a televised 2x4) and the actor was just phenomenal.  I really felt sorry for him, rather than the sometimes "oh well, that sucks" feeling I have. 

And his drug-dealing boss or partner was equally fantastic.  Can we have these two back on somehow?  Because I totally bought everything they were selling.

I didn't understand what the deal was with Chase, Taub and Thirteen feeling the need to knock Foreman down a few pegs.  I actually spent a few minutes trying to remember what happened before the holiday break - - did Foreman piss someone off?  Did he get (more) uppity?  Did he run over Taub's cat?  Or (gasp!) maybe he was the one who chopped Chase's lovely locks!! 

Regardless, I thought the storyline about The Three Medical Stooges trying to screw with him via payroll was stupid - - although it did keep Thirteen to a bare minimum and Foreman's "who's your daddy?" was chuckle worthy. 

House and Wilson as roomies is the stuff classic t.v. is made of.  House pretending to be gay in order to gain the trust of their comely new neighbor, becoming best "girlfriends" only to "slip up" and after too much wine, resulting in a first-time heterosexual encounter was hiliarious and reminded me of earlier House.  That it didn't work out according to plan, of course, was typical (and loved) House.  Wilson's proposal scene in the restaurant practically gave me fits.  ("I love this  man!") 

If the writers of House  are listening, forget Cuddy.  This is the true (b)romance of the show - - the humorous, sarcastic, witty and slightly dysfunctional friendship between House and Wilson.  These are the two I want to see together - - not House with a simpering degreed idiot whose breasts could easily be used as flotation devices and finds the need to remind us of that weekly with her low cut sweaters.  Hospital director, my ass.  Or hers, as she likes to stick that out weekly as well.

This week we were blessed with very little Cuddy (thank you, House gods).  What we did see, though, made me want to jump through my t.v. and yank her hair out by the root.  Why?  Because when Foreman initially goes to see her, thinking he is being paid significantly less than the Stooges he is supervising, she can't stop texting on her damn phone long enough to even look him in the eye.  When anyone does that, it pisses me off.  But especially a so-called professional, sitting in her office, with one of her doctors speaking to her about a work-related matter that concerns him. 

If that's not bad enough, she then puts the stupid phone down long enough to tell him that some people got a certain salary because they had offers from elsewhere . . . which Foreman clearly did not have. 

Bitch!  Where is the loyalty?  Foreman has been there from Day One.  Okay, so maybe he's killed a patient or two but he's been fairly loyal to House and the hospital.  At least put the phone down and be professional.  Had House limped into the office, there is no doubt in my mind the phone would have disappeared and Cuddy would have sold her child to accomplish whatever House needed.

Again, writers . . . no more Cuddy.  She is useless.  She is spineless.  Go with House and Wilson.  They are a much more satisfying pair.

Thank you.


  1. I love House, he is such an ass that he is likeable and smart...

    Thanks for signing up for my blogs..
    Have a great day!!

  2. Followed you here from your post on my blog, I too love NASCAR and my driver is Matt Kenseth, he is related to my niece someway or another.
    Sounded like we had a lot in common so I'll follow you blog too.



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