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Tom Continues His Quest . . .

to be taken as a seriouslyragingheterosexual actor.  In case you hadn't heard, and I'm sorry to ruin the happy-go-lucky place you were in if you hadn't, Tom has been cast as aging 1980s rocker Stacee Jaxx in the film version of Rock of Ages.  For reals.  When I first heard this I thought it was a joke.  Tom Cruise as a rocker, aging or otherwise?  Tom Cruise singing?  Like not lip synching to Bob Seger while wearing Ray Bans, an oxford shirt and tidy whities?  And then I thought maybe this was the perfect role for him because Stacee Jaxx sounds like a gay porn star.  I know, I know.  They are totally ripping off Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.  Maybe a real life rocker could successfully pull off a character named Stacee Jaxx but Tom Cruise? 

So because Tom cannot stand it if "leaks" from the set aren't telegraphed immediately to the media, we hear that he's been working with Axl Rose's vocal coach.  So much confusion here.  Does Axl Rose need a vocal c…

Betty White is a Real Goddess

Charlie Sheen wouldn't know a real goddess if she came up and bit him in the ass, or told him flat out like it is.  Exhibit A.  Betty White, beloved television icon.  Betty doesn't have time for ungrateful assholes like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.  As Betty told The Daily Mail

"They party too much, don’t learn their lines, are unprofessional and they grumble about everything. I think they are terribly ungrateful. I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show business, and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, for example, although there are plenty of others, too. They are the most blessed people in the world and they don’t appreciate it." Preach it, sista!  WINNING!  And yes, that's a dig at you, Charlie Sheen. 

No comment (yet) from Mr. Tiger Blood so maybe he did leave half a brain cell behind but that vast fountain of drugged up knowledge, Lindsay Lohan, had to run to E! News and defend her trashy ass.  I guess mama Dina was too bu…

The New York Ho(wive)s are Back!

No comments please about how I don't have a life because I love The Real Housewives franchise.  Miami was a bit of a disappointment - - Elsa, I loved although her face looked like a Jim Henson creation; Marysol was sweet; Alexia harmless; Adriana conceited and I don't think anyone needs to see her cooch more than her gyno; Lea the queen bee; and Cristy and Larsa are mean girls who both think they are much more attractive and sexy than they really are.  But my disappointment with the show is in the past because New York is back, baby!

If you don't recall, at the end of last season Kelly appeared headed into a Willy Wonka type land, complete with gummy bears, singing Oompa Loompas and a belief that everyone was out to get her.  Her appearance was mercifully kept to a minimum last week, although she did seem confused as to what "metal box" Jill was referred to being uncomfortable being stuck in for hours while traveling to Australia.  Yes, people.  Kelly has reprodu…

Charlie Sheen Wants His Job Back

Well, this is about as surprising as Lindsay Lohan failing a drug test. 

Mr. Tiger Blood appeared at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night.  He was half an hour late.  Frankly, I'm shocked he wasn't tardier.  According to Roger Friedman, who was there, the theater was empty enough that he could move down from Row T to Row RR, to seats on the aisle with plenty available around him. 

Apparently patrons began booing Charlie from the beginning.  The "show" consisted of an interview with a friend and some rerecorded answers to Sheen's previous interview with ABC's Andrea Canning.  I smell a threat of a lawsuit in 3 . . . 2 . . .

According to Friedman, despite the prodding from his "friend", Charlie couldn't come up with any gossipy stories and appeared listless and uninterested.  When the audience heckled him, he cursed at them. 

He did inform the audience that he's had lots of sex with lots of hookers and has taken lots of drugs.  All old news…

Katie Holmes is "Women in Film"/Max Mara's 2011 Face of the Future (No, really, it's true)

Yeah, I was scratching my head too and doublechecking my calendar to make sure it wasn't 1998 and Katie Holmes was still assaulting my tv as Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek because this award makes absolutely zero sense. 

Annette Bening receiving a Women in Film award.  Check.  That makes sense.  And it's well deserved.  Bening has been nominated for an Academy Award four times. 

Okay, okay, Katie has appeared in films.  To great critical disdain.  She has appeared with some Hollywood heavyweights but she has consistently been called the weak link.  Since marrying the Crown Prince of Crazy, has Katie had to work for a role at all? 

So how did Katie get this award?  My guess is that within the last month or so, Tommy slipped on his high heeled white tennis shoes and ran those little legs over to the closest Scieno bank to take a big bag full of money to someone in charge at Women in Film.   I am no fan of Tommy's but I will concede that he is holding up his end of the co…

New TNT Show: Franklin & Bash

So do you watch any of TNT's shows?  If you don't at least catch The Closer you should rethink your viewing habits.  Yes, it's that good.

So this summer, TNT is unveiling a few new shows.  One of them is Franklin & Bash.  If the show itself is half as funny as their promo ads, this will be a runaway hit.  I plan on being there anyhow - - I love legal shows and I love Breckin Meyer.  He normally plays the goofy fuck up but this time it looks like he'll be the "straight" one to Mark-Paul Gosselaar's womanizing cut up.   And finally, F&B  is filmed in my hometown of Atlanta, G-A.  Sweet! 

Will you be there in June when Franklin & Bash makes its first appearance?