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Facebook = Heroin During Winter Hiatus

I hate the winter hiatus when it comes to television shows.  Especially the shows that go on hiatus in November.  Really, shows?  Why can't they manage to turn out enough shows to run up until Christmas week and then come back the week of or after New Year?  They are off all summer, for heaven's sake.

Anyhow, with the majority of my shows being, well, no-shows until January (or longer and yes, I'm looking at you, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, and The Closer), I have reconnected with Facebook.  And am developing a dangerous obsession that could be bordering on intervention. 

It's not just checking out the live news wire to see what your friends are up to.  Sure, that's interesting and it's a lot quicker than making a phone call but I'm talking about the games. 

It started with YoVille.  I began playing YoVille because it was somewhat similar to The SIms.  I was only going to play YoVille - - but then a friend invited me to Island Paradise and well, that loo…

Knight & Day: Not on Your Life

Tom Cruise lover that I am (my eyes are rolling so far back in my head right now I can actually see why my neck has been hurting me this week, as well as the fact the picture behind me is a bit crooked), imagine my delight at seeing the trailer for his upcoming piece of crap Knight & Day on You Tube.  Go here to watch it.   I warn you though - - Cameron squeals, Tom runs, Cameron screams, Tom breaks something.  Probably the story of his shamarriage to the Robot Bride.

Is anyone going to see this?  Really?  Besides the fact that the storyline that I could actually pick up seems like day old rehashings and Cameron Diaz is one of the most annoying actresses on the planet, is anyone willing to fork hard earned money over to fund Tom's craziness and his cult?  (Because make no mistake, a good 40% or so of any money Tommy makes goes right into the offering plates at the good old Church of Scientology). 

And check out the poster - - seriously?  Give me 20 minutes and PowerPoint and…

Mother Nature Ruined My Thursday Night

Thanks to the lovely nor'easter that blew through here and knocked our power out for an entire evening, none of my Thursday night shows recorded.  Blast!  Wouldn't you know it too, Thursday nights are my favorite, with The Vampire Diaries on at 8, Supernatural at 9 and The Real Housewives of Orange County at 10. 

I did manage to record a repeat of RHOC on Friday but I will be stuck watching The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural online. 

Thanks, Mother Nature!

Jennifer and Her Big Fat Open Mouth Finally Go Home!

The picture that sent Jennifer home I know America's Next Top Model is a bunch of crap.  However, I still watch it and I still have favorites.

I liked Jennifer in the beginning.  That was before I realized that she has one pose - - open mouthed.  Every damn shot of Jennifer this season makes her look like a trout on the end of a fishing line.  Is this high fashion nowadays?  Or at least what ANTM wants us to think is fashion? 

I honestly thought Jennifer and her mouth would win the whole thing.   Tyra obviously loved her, open mouth, wonky eye and all.  I believed she was in the Final Two for sure after Tyra said at panel that Jennifer's best shot was crap and she looked short and her face did nothing . . . but that Jennifer was sooooooo nice.

Tyra, since when does being nice have anything at all to do with taking a good PHO-to?  That's right, nothing.  If it was all about being nice, Naomi Campbell would never have had a career.

Thank God we won't have a repeat of las…

Lisa Cuddy: The Most Unprofessional Administrator of All Time

"When you bend over, I can see your IUD."  Gregory House, M.D.

Let me begin by saying I love House.  I love Hugh Laurie.  I love Wilson.  I love Robert Sean Leonard.  I don't, however, love Lisa Cuddy. 

I'm not sure where to begin but I know where it will always end up.  Her fricking attire.  Cuddy is supposed to be the administrator of a huge, well-respected hospital in Princeton, New Jersey.  And yet she dresses in too tight skirts with too tight and too low cut blouses and sweaters like she's auditioning for a Hot for Teacher video.   If I walked into a hospital and saw someone dressed like that I would assume either a) she's a stripper who suffered a slip and fall from the pole at work, b) she's an "enterprising" legal assistant/paralegal who is sleeping with her boss who is representing said stripper over the said slip and fall or c) she's a hospital receptionist who is looking to bag a wealthy doctor. 

Okay, maybe a bit extreme but i…

Let's Talk Television!

With the new season of American Idol  coming up quickly, and with my Psychotic State blog now devoted to books and reviews, I needed to find a new place to recap Idol . . . and any other show that I am sadly addicted to. 

Here we are! 

I will do my best to recap as regularly as possible but this blog is mainly my snarky opinions.  I don't always hold back with regards to my opinions so be warned.

Welcome aboard!