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Let's Talk About Will and Jada

Sitting like a lady . . . Will? 
Earlier this week, courtesy of In Touch, stories were circulated that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were separating.  Not massive news, I grant you, especially given the report that about 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  Yes, 50%.  That's a pretty sad commentary on our society today, isn't it?

What I found interesting about the alleged Smith/Pinkett-Smith separation was that Jada Pinkett Smith is probably the most vocal celebrity when it comes to declaring how amazingly wonderful their marriage is and, in particular, how active and satisfying and nonstop their sex life is.  This amount of oversharing is generally a big old red flag that when someone finds the need to overshare and overcompensate, they are making up for something.  As my grandmother used to say, those who talk the most, get the least.  Or, thou doth protest too much, in a sense, Jada.

I'm not saying that Will and Jada didn't have the most amazing sex life (although I don't think any of us need to know about the backs of limos on the way to awards shows or throughout their house or even commenting about it in front of their children).  I'm just wondering if this amazing sex life was being shared with the other.

Despite their denials of same, I firmly believe that Will and Jada are Scientologists.  They may not be daily practicing Scientologists of the "If you don't like Scientology, then fuck you" variety Tom Cruise but Will reportedly gave out Scientology personality test gift cards to the crew of his film Hancock.  Bear in mind that these so-called personality tests are administered free by the Church of Scientology (wow, thanks for the gift, Will) but the COS will always find a personality flaw that they sure can fix.  For the right price, of course.  Just ask Tom Cruise.

Furthermore, the school that he and Jada founded, The New Village Academy in Los Angeles, uses instructional methods pioneered by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  Or should I say "instructional" because Scientology surely doesn't prepare kids or people for adulthood and the real world, unless couch jumping and declaring AIDS a state of mind is a requirement of life.

So maybe Will and/or Jada claim they aren't Scientologists but they are free about applying Scientology tenants to at least the lives of others.

Soooooo . . . despite denials that Will and/or Jada are Scientologists, despite Scientology's track record for arranging bearded marriages for those Scieno celebrities who want to appear like the perfect heterosexual family man/woman, despite rumors that Will and Jada fall in this last category, if the separation rumors are true, why are Will and Jada splitting after 13 years?

Let's start with the separation rumors.  Where there is smoke, there is fire, people.  In Hollywood, once a couple announces their split, you can rest assured that the actual separation happened about six months earlier.  Because these people aren't your average John and Jane Smith; they have publicists that must be notified and then a plan of action needs to be put into place.  They can't separate and go about their daily business.  Their joint images and reputations must be considered, the future of any television shows or movie franchises are in play and then it must be decided who goes to People with their tale.  Many factors!

So if this story has legs, Will and Jada actually separated shortly after the first of the year.  I have no idea what may have happened then but the rumor mill is currently spinning that Jada got involved with her HawthoRNe co-star, Mark Anthony, which not only caused a rift in  her marriage but spelled the end of his with Jennifer Lopez.   It's also rumored that Will's publicist butted heads with Jada's publicist and they did not have common goals in sight for their clients.

Interesting.  What's interesting is that Will and Jada did not share the same publicist.

I'm wondering what role, if any, Scientology plays in all this.  After all, are there are any truly happy Scientologists out there?  Are there any successful celebrity Scientology marriages?  John Travolta and Kelly Preston have been married for nearly 20 years so I guess you would consider that successful but we've all heard the rumors and let's face it, John isn't looking so happy these days.  Despite that gorgeous little baby.

Those crazy Scientologists
And do we really need to talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?  When these two took their fauxmance on the road back in 2005, their excessive grins and smiles was like being present at a tooth whitening convention.  These days I can't remember the last time the two of them were in the same zip code, much less acting like a couple that shares the "most amazing" love.  Ever.

Back to the Smiths.  What happened?  I thought for sure that Tom and Katie Show would implode before Will and Jada.  Are Will and Jada really finished?  Or is this a slick PR move in advance of Men in Black 3?


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