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Supernatural: Back to Bromance!

After a disappointing (in my opinion) season 6 opener, Supernatural is headed back on track with a return to the teaming of Sam and Dean.  Unfortunately, the Campbell clan is still around.

The good:  Monster of Week is back.  This week it was something called an Alpha which is the Head Shape Shifter in Charge.  The HSSC was visiting half a dozen or so families in and around Lansing, Michigan, shifting into an exact (and I mean exact) replica of the husband when the husband isn't around to play a little slap and tickle with the wife, leaving her knocked up.  A chauvanistic pig supernatural being . . . hmmm.  The story didn't end there.  The HSSC was returning 9+ months later to collect on his deposit - - killing the parents and spiriting away the baby. 
Dean and Sam Work Together.  Yes!  Dean and Sam are back together, working to solve the mystery and track down the Monster of the Week.  Far more interesting than Sam and/or Dean working solo.
Dean's Scenes with Shape Shifter Baby.  I think the title says it all.  Only Supernatural could get away with this kind of stuff.  Dean was absolutely hilarious and adorable stepping in to care for the freakily shifting baby.
Dean and Sam in Shifter Form.  Bad ass!  Totally hot!  Can we do that again?
Dean Drops the Domesticity.  Thank God!  As cool as Lisa and Ben seem to be, Dean Winchester is no soccer dad.  Lisa tells Dean at the end of the episode she and Ben will be around whenever Dean can drop by but his place is on the road, hunting.  Hallelujah!
Metallicar Is Back in Commission.  Dean finally freed Metallicar from that garage and put her back where she belongs, on the road, hunting bad things.  And the cherry on top?  The rock music came back too, while we were getting Metallicar porn.

The bad:  The Campbell Clan.  Yep, they're still around.  And why?  Can't figure it out.  None of these characters are appealing or add much to the story.  Something is definitely off with Grandpa Samuel (well, he did come back from the hereafter), Christian is smarmy (although I have always liked Corin Nemec), the only decent Campbell was killed and if smirky Gwen is the only female we can have, no more females.  I mean, really - - Supernatural killed off Jo and Ellen for this mess? 
Unresolved Episode.  There was no real resolution to the Monstser of the Week.  Very unsatisfying. 
No Castiel and No Bobby.  I love Cas. I love Bobby.  I need Cas and Bobby on Supernatural.  Fix it, show. 

Despite the bad, I am holding out hope that Supernatural will bring it this season and will be tuning in this Friday.  How about you? 


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