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Detroit 187: Christophuh Has a Badge

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Anyone familiar with The Sopranos knows who Michael Imperioli is (he played ChristoPHUH for many years) and has scored a new t.v. series with Detroit 187.

I watched the pilot last week and meant to post about it but got distracted.  I thought it was fairly entertaining, although it did suffer from pilot-itis (a lot going on, trying to introduce characters as well as back stories).  I did decide that I would watch again this week and see what happened.

I thought the second episode was better than the first.  Imperioli plays Homicide Detective Louis Fitch to a distanced perfection.  Fitch is the stereotypical single detective, with no wife or kids, who lives and breathes his job.  He reads suspects and perps ideally and manages to figure out clues before newbie detective Hottie (don't know his name, sorry, but he used to work Narcotics) and the female detective whose name I think is Sanchez. 

Differing from Law & Order, where there are two main detectives that are followed, Detroit 187 has six detectives and two storylines (i.e., murder cases) per episode.  Detroit 187 also helpfully posts the case name on the bottom of the screen, as well as what is going on (i.e., "Suspect Interview").

The writing so far seems tight and it was a pleasant surprise to find that one of the homicide cases turned out to be a natural death in the end and not some crazy monkey in a basketball twist (a la Law & Order SVU).

Have you watched Detroit 187?  What do you think? 


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