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Medium and Supernatural: 2 Season Premieres, 2 Disappointments

Look, I love both Medium and Supernatural.  Watched both of them since they began.  Now, in the television gods' infinite wisdom, Medium is on Friday nights at 8 and Supernatural at 9.  Not on the same network - - Medium resides at CBS after NBC kicked it to the curb and the CW transferred it from following the incredible and amazing The Vampire Diaries to following the aging POS Smallville - - but how exciting could it be!

How exciting indeed, if the season openers are any indication.  And don't get me wrong, I am saying this while thinking that picking my cuticles would be more exciting.

Medium had an interesting enough idea, even if it's been done to death.  In a nutshell, Freaky Friday shenanigans happen at Casa DuBois as Allison and Bridgette awaken to find they have switched bodies.  Poor Joe.  As if that man hasn't been through enough in six or so seasons.  Of course, Allison is having visions of a homeless man being murdered and the sickening act is caught on film, while Bridgette has a crush on a fellow student who's a film buff.  Hmmmm . . . I suppose most of us can figure out where that is going.    The plot wasn't terribly exciting but anytime Medium introduces new characters, especially those the girls have met at school, felonies are sure to follow and it's guaranteed we will never see said character(s) again.  A note to TPTB at Medium:  can we switch it up this season?  Can Ariel, Bridgette and Marie have friends at school?  That aren't punks, thugs, criminals and/or sociopaths in the making?   Can Allison tone down her self-righteous attitude?  And can Joe ever get a decent night's sleep?

On to Supernatural.  Oh, how I love those Winchester boys!  The last season or two has been rift with angels versus demons and the Apocolypse drawing near and happening.  Last season left me in a bind.  Sam was the meat suit for Lucifer himself and the angel Michael wanted Dean for his personal meat suit.  What to do?  Dean got the shit beaten out of him, Cas disappeared in a streak of lightening and Sam fell in the hole to Hell, leading Dean to show up at former girlfriend Lisa's house to move in with her and be Daddy to her son Ben. 

Yawn.  Instead of kicking of this season with a bang, the taking out of demons or at least a vampire or two, we see Dean living in domesticity and (gasp!) wearing track pants and his hair ungelled and unspiky.  No!  Even Metalllicar has been relegated to the garage, hiding under a tarp, while he pokes around town in a pickup truck.  This is not my Supernatural.  However, we find out that Dean has been drinking quite a bit and apparently isn't fully on board with being a soccer mom.  He sees signs of demon infestation, Sam turns up to save his ass and we find out that Sam has been returned from Hell for just about the year that Dean thought he was gone.  Say what?  Oh yeah, and Grandpa Samuel Winchester was returned from death to hunt with Sam, as well as three other distant family members that I could give a rat's ass about.   

I think not, Supernatural.  Would Sam really leave Dean to suffer the way Sam himself suffered when Dean was relegated to Hell after selling his soul?  And was Dean really the one who wanted the home and family life?  I always thought that was Sam.  And Grandpa Samuel and the Three Stooges kidnapping that female demon to do . . . what?  Obviously something shifty going on but I'm not sure I care.  Sam leaves Dean to continue hunting while Dean is forced to stay with Lisa and Ben to protect them.  What show is this?  What did the CW do with Supernatural cause this sure ain't it. 

The worst part was the total and absolute lack of any witty and smartass banter between the brothers.  That is why I watch Supernatural.  Well, that and the supernatural aspects of the show.  If I can't have Sam and Dean in Metallicar,cruising to some kick ass 70s classic rock, with their trunk full of salt, holy water and iron, I'm not sure I can be along for the ride.

How about you?  Did you catch Medium and/or Supernatural?  Do you agree with me? 


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