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The Event: New NBC Show Premiere

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 If you haven't heard of NBC's new show The Event, you have had your tv off and haven't gone to the movies because NBC has advertised and marketed the hell out of this thing. 

I was initially on the fence because (1) the television ads gave me absolutely no idea what the show was about and (2) I was sick to death of the ads.  Oversaturate much?   But my brother in law saw a commercial at the movie theater (I know, right?  Ostensibly we go to the movies to bypass the whole commercial thing) and said it made the show look phenomenal.  Since DirectTV has NBC in this area (damn DirectTV for not having the CW, it's a crime) I decided to give it a go.

Impressive, NBC.  The Event was better than I thought it would be.   The show started with some cataclysmic happening, as seen through the camera of a news crew.  The viewer had no idea what it was, but it sure looked bad.  Perhaps an earthquake or some other deadly force of nature?  For the next 35 or so minutes, the show did flashbacks from that "event" - - anywhere from half an hour before to 11 days previous.  We saw a small group of people who were impacted by this event - - Sean Walker, who went on a Mexican cruise with his girlfriend only to have her disappear and there be no record of either of them boarding the ship; an assassination attempt on the President; and a CIA cover up.  Sounds cool, right?  Well . . . I haven't even gotten to the true "event" of The Event, which involves a plane disappearing. 

I have heard the comparisons between The Event and Lost, although I have never seen an episode of Lost.  If you liked 24, you will probably enjoy The Event as timing is important and many happenings occur during the course of one day, with many lives intermingled and a sure to be exciting and mysterious journey.

So good was the pilot that I am still thinking about it and have absolutely no idea what the actual event is, nor how anything will be resolved - - guaranteeing that I will tune in next week. 

How about you?  Did you watch The Event?


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