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The Vampire Diaries: Jeremy Tries To Be Badass, Bonnie is a Bitch, Matt is Clueless, Tylor Gets Mad, Caroline Sucks, Elena Pouts and Stefan and Damon Discuss Mutant Ninja Turtles

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God, I love this show!  Where else can you have a high school with a a former cheerleader (human) dating a 165 or so year old vampire hottie, her younger brother who has died or nearly died more times in the last six months than I have shaved my legs, her best friend is a bitchy witch, her other best friend is the blonde homecoming queen who is a baby vampire (and who is also dating her former boyfriend), a varsity athlete whose eyes become werewolf-y when he gets pissed, and a teacher who has a ring that prevents him from dying and who himself was married to a vampire who also happens to be the former cheerleader's birth mother?  Nowhere, right?  Bless the CW. 

Is there any other show that keeps the action coming constantly and while feeling as though it's part of the overall storyline and not just a ploy to be action laden? 

Last week's episode dealt with a carnival being hosted by Mystic Falls High.  Great idea considering that the last carnival Mystic Falls saw (at the end of last season) resulted in multiple vampire deaths and the death of wolfy Tyler's mayor father.  I can see why the town would be anxious to get those carnies back in there. 

This time the unfortunate victim (because there has to be one) is the unnamed and previously unseen carney that catches Bonnie's eye.  God forbid that Bonnie be happy and relax and stop with her judgments because newby vamp Caroline promptly snacks on him (but not before apologizing for what she's about to do).  Bonnie, quite naturally, blames Damon for Caroline's vampy behavior.  Because don't you know, everything is Damon's fault.  Despite the fact that it was Bonnie's brilliant idea for Damon to feed Caroline his healing blood when she was in the hospital.  Way to rationalize, Bonnie! 

Elena did a whole lot of nothing this episode, other than worry about how awesome the carnival was going to be and unwrapping stuffed animals.  She did keep Damon from staking Caroline and then watch in horror as Bonnie was about to light up Damon and she did allow Stefan to jump her up to the top of the ferris wheel with somewhat cheesy special effects. 

Jeremy cut his hair and got an attitude in the process, thinking that he was going to stake Damon at the old Salvatore homestead after first spiking his liquer with vervaine.  This time, Damon didn't even bother fake killing Jeremy, just sent the little kid home. 

Caroline got herself released from the hospital after Katherine smothered her and Damon's blood, still in her system, brought her back as a vampire, by glamoring the head nurse -- who was also kind enough to offer up her neck for a chew toy for Caroline.  She met up with Matt, broke some soda bottles with her newfound strength, ran off and then threw Damon down the school hallway, after telling him she remembered all the glamoring he did to her, as well as the feeding and sex.  Damon planned to stake Caroline (must get that body count up) but Elena thwarted that plan, by throwing herself in front of the stake, leaving Damon to tell Elena that whatever happens from this point on is on her.  Should be interesting given that Caroline's mom is the town sheriff and anxious to hunt down all vampires.

Tyler's Uncle Hottie tried to convince Tyler to work out and exercise to keep the wolf eyes at bay, while demonstrating some serious jumping skills in the parking lot, which led Stefan and Damon to discuss the possibilities of what Uncle Hottie is, including Stefan's guess of a mutant ninja turtle.   He also searched for some moonstone that Tyler found in his father's floor safe and pocketed.  No idea why the moonstone is so important (does it keep them from changing or shifting?) but it sure is ugly. 

Did you watch this episode?  What did you think?


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