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The Vampire Diaries Is Back!

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As I settled in to watch the first new epi of The Vampire Diaries' sophomore season I was reminded why this show was one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, last season.  Because it's freaking awesome, people! 

I was disappointed that I could not watch this epi last Thursday night at 8 (my family doesn't get the CW on this DirectTV) and had to wait until the CW posted the epi on their website so I could watch it on my computer.  It was worth the wait because the summer hiatus did not slow The Vampire Diaries down.  At all.

All last season we waited for Katherine Pierce's return and she brought it immediately.  Is she ever evil!  A nasty, bitchy, shit stirring vampire simply cannot be beat and Katherine does not disappoint.  From her attempted murder of Uncle John to threatening Bonnie to professing her (literally) undying love to Stefan while telling Damon that she never loved him and never would because it would always be Stefan . . . ouch!  For two brothers who have competed and butted heads for over 145 years, I have a feeling this will send Damon over the edge and he will get even darker (if possible!)  Without giving away a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it, we were definitely given a glimpse of the Damon to come last night in a scene involving Elena and Jeremy. 

And the final scene involving Katherine and Caroline?  Game on, indeed. 

If the first epi was any indication, The Vampire Diaries promises to take viewers on a season-long thrill ride.  And I can't wait.

So, viewers . . . does Stefan or Damon do it for you?  I didn't get the Damon fascination for much of last season although I was starting to understand it by the finale but I'm still rooting for Stefan.  And I did love seeing the dark and dangerous Stefan last season, even if briefly. 

Can't wait until the next episode!


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